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Fire Emblem Awakening is my Crack and I Finally got a Computer

I ain’t lying when I say this.

So, I haven’t been posting on this blog for a few good reasons.

1. State Tests

2. Fire Emblem Awakening became my crack and I can’t stop playing it

3. I finally got my new computer

Yeah, sorry about that. In good news, I finally know that the Walking Dead season 2 by Telltale Games might get a Fall release. Yeah, I fangirled. 🙂

^ My reaction in a nutshell

Update on my Blog Thanks to School Coming Up

And that’s what I feel like doing to school.

Hello everyone! I figured I should make a update on my blog because school’s starting for me next week! That means less posts to do! I won’t be able to write as much as I did throughout the Summer. But doing this blog does get my prepared for a major project to do and helps me with my writing. I won’t stop doing writing for this blog whatsoever but don’t expect anything really during weekdays. That’s basically it you guys. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Summer because I know some people who have one more week of Summer than me who I will go find and kill…I mean hug them to the point of unconsciousness. 🙂

P.S If you are one of those people, please, leave your address below and I will visit you. 🙂