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Another Review

Name: Another

Genre: Horror/Mystery

Rating: 17+

Number of Episodes: 12


We jump into Another by…hearing a story about a girl. 26 years ago, there as a third-year classroom in a middle school who had a student named Misaki. Misaki was a honors student, she was good at sports and was very popular. All of sudden, she died and her classmates acted as if she was still alive and well. The class continued up this act until graduation. Very creepy  start, right?  Then, in the spring of 1998, a boy named Kouichi Sakakibara transfers to a school called Yomiyama North Middle School. However, he was transfered to the very same class that the girl who died was in. Soon after, Kouichi becomes very wary about the classroom.  He also meets a girl named Misaki who he met at a hospital he was in before he went to school, she happens to be the same class as him. However, she’s always alone and the class doesn’t even notice her. Continue reading


Another Live Action Film Trailer 2

Thanks to Population GO for making a post about this so I was informed! Check out their blog here!

Holy crap, the novel got not only a anime but now a live action film! Personally, I only seen one episode of the anime so far but now with the newest trailer for the film, I have to see the rest!

I never knew the anime had so many deaths or if it’s just the film doing it’s own thing here.  Anyway, the film will be released on  August 4, 2012 in Japan. Looks good so far!