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John Cena and His So Called “Affair” With my Opinion

First of all, if you don’t know what the hell is going on with John Cena having an affair, let me bring you up to speed. John Cena filled for a divorce with his wife Elizabeth Huberdeau in May. Their main reason for getting divorce is the house which they were remodeling, it was revealed that they will be going to the poor house and the courtroom. Now, over the past few weeks, Cena’s wife has tried a methods to win this case like the divorce papers not being correct and now, her newest method is to claim that Cena has cheated on her during their marriage. Continue reading

Another Live Action Film Trailer 2

Thanks to Population GO for making a post about this so I was informed! Check out their blog here!

Holy crap, the novel got not only a anime but now a live action film! Personally, I only seen one episode of the anime so far but now with the newest trailer for the film, I have to see the rest!

I never knew the anime had so many deaths or if it’s just the film doing it’s own thing here.  Anyway, the film will be released on  August 4, 2012 in Japan. Looks good so far!