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Mobile Quicke: Epic Astro Story

So during vacation I brought three games, Hatchi a digital pet simulator for 99 cents, Eve of Genesis HD, a RPG game for $3.99 and Epic Astro Story for $4.98. Since I completed Epic Astro Story first, I will  be doing a quick review on it first. Continue reading


Mobile Quickie – Hot Springs Story

It’s been a long time since I did a Mobile Quickie! Well, on my old blog back on Destructoid, my first ever Mobile Quickie was on Kairosoft’s Game Dev Story. I guess it’s time for me to review yet another Kairosoft game! Today, I’m going to review Hot Springs Story.

Platforms: Android and iOS

Price: $4.99

So, Hot Springs Story is about you trying to have the best Hot Spring out there. But, there is a time limit to it. You only have 15 game years to do that. In order to do that, you must build, get items, and enter in competitions. Continue reading

Mobile Quickie: Temple Run


After many days after the release that I spent into this game, its time to say a quick review about it. Continue reading