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Mobile Quicke: Epic Astro Story

So during vacation I brought three games, Hatchi a digital pet simulator for 99 cents, Eve of Genesis HD, a RPG game for $3.99 and Epic Astro Story for $4.98. Since I completed Epic Astro Story first, I will  be doing a quick review on it first. Continue reading


Mobile Quickie – Hot Springs Story

It’s been a long time since I did a Mobile Quickie! Well, on my old blog back on Destructoid, my first ever Mobile Quickie was on Kairosoft’s Game Dev Story. I guess it’s time for me to review yet another Kairosoft game! Today, I’m going to review Hot Springs Story.

Platforms: Android and iOS

Price: $4.99

So, Hot Springs Story is about you trying to have the best Hot Spring out there. But, there is a time limit to it. You only have 15 game years to do that. In order to do that, you must build, get items, and enter in competitions. Continue reading