About Kristi and Stuff

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Hello, my name Kristi if you somehow didn’t know that already! I am a Let’s Player on YouTube called Kristi78968. I am also a writer and gamer. I play video games during my free time thanks to school taking up most of my time. My favorite genre of gaming is RPG. I am a fan of wrestling so I do watch Monday Night RAW and Friday Night Smackdown. I watch anime and read manga which my favorite genre for both is romance.

I started a blog on Blogspot a few years back, but totally forgot to write on it after awhile. Then, after many years later, I wrote my own blog posts on the Deestructoid Community blogs. Although I got comments and liked the community, I still didn’t write much. Finally, I came up to this site called WordPress. A site where I can write anything I feel like, and not be only focused on one interest like I was on Destructoid. And that’s how my passion for writing..at least for my blog started. πŸ™‚

For this site, I will mainly blog about:

  • WWE PPV Predictions, Thoughts & Review
  • Gaming News and Reviews
  • Anime First Impressions and Reviews
  • Mobile Quickies (Quick Reviews of Android Games)

I don’t even know what type of blog this is so I can’t really give it any name. I’ll just keep it “Kristi’s Blog” until I come up with something which I probably won’t.


2 thoughts on “About Kristi and Stuff

  1. Justin

    Gaming, anime, and even WWE? Ok, the wrestling I haven’t gotten into for years, but seems like a pretty well rounded site πŸ˜€ Especially with vids too…


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