E3 2013 Thoughts: Sony Won but Microoft…Just Why?


It’s time to gather my thoughts on E3!



Just…what happened? Microsoft, I just don’t even know what to say. If I had to say anything  is that they messed up so badly. For me, there was only one pro about this conference. What was the pro you may ask? They had games. That’s honestly all I can think of. There were so many bad things about this conference and after a certain piece of news was released after the conference, it just makes me sad to see Microsoft doing this. What was that certain piece of news? Well, Killer Instinct was announced as the RARE IP. The game’s free to play. There’s one huge downfall to this though…ALL THE CHARACTERS BUT ONE COST MONEY! WHAT THE HELL!? This a FIGHTING GAME!  Just, why!? In a fighting game, you usually unlock characters during arcade or something. I’ll understand if it was for DLC characters BUT IT’S FOR ALL THE CHARACTERS BUT ONE! What were they thinking when they came up with the decision? I’m not surprised they didn’t say it at the conference, to avoid the audience just getting up and leaving. Anyway…besides THAT….

During the conference, we see Metal Gear Solid 5 which looks amazing. There were a few exclusives shown during the conference so yay, Microsoft did something good! However, there were a few problems. When Crimson Dragon was shown, there was a tech issue, no sound. During this, the crowd was booing. The same happened with Battlefield 4 as well which made the speaker who was on stage feel awkward. I felt bad for the guy. 😦

Dead Rising 3 was announced, and it’s an exclusive. I never played the series so no reaction from me. Oh, there’s a new Halo game…wooooo…

At the end of the conference we finally get the price for the Xbox The Xbox One would cost $499. Too much for me and even if I did have the money, I wouldn’t buy it. The cons outweigh the pros.


  • They showed games
  • There were exclusives


  • Tech Issues
  • $499 Price Tag for the Xbox One
  • Killer Instict is free-to-play but every character will cost money but one
  • $499 Price tag for Xbox One

Grade: D+



Oh snap, we get sports games! Oh yeah, we also get 3 games that everyone is quite hyped for. Those games are Dragon Age Inquisitions, Star Wars Battlefront 3, and Mirror’s Edge 2. We also got a tiny little teaser for Plants VS Zombies 2: It’s About Time! from Popcap and even a new game is announced from them. The game’s called Garden Warfare which is a lot like Team Fortress 2 but with plants as playable characters. The game looks alright but it’s for Xbox One and Xbox 360. I’ll try it out sinceI do havea 360 but they missed out on a few major consoles. PC would have been a better choice than the Xbox 360.

The bad thing was this conference to me was for some reason, no info about The Sims 4. I understand if you can’t show a trailer but at least give us some info, even if it was a tiny bit of it. EA at least did better than Microsoft, and at this point, I think the Worst Company of the Year should go to Microsoft.


  • 3 games announced that stood out (Mirror’s Edge 2, Dragon Age Inquisitions, Star Wars Battlefront 3)
  • Plants VS Zombies 2! 😀


  • The rest of the games were sports games
  • Surprisingly, no Sims 4 info.

Grade: C-



Aisha Tyler is back as the host. The opinions are her are mixed but I was fine with her being the host. She could have done better though. The conference started out with Rocksmith 2014. Never played it and most likely never will. The only highlights for me were South Park The Stick of Truth, The Division, The Crew, and Watch_Dogs. There’s a new Rabbids game called Rabbid Invasions. Can these guys just please die out already? I used to like them but now, just no.  There was another game called The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. It’s a online RPG for PC and Ubisoft is currently accepting beta signups. I might give the game a try. Oh yeah, there was another Just Dance game. Woooo….This conference was decent but mainly just boring to me.    😦 I expected more from Ubisoft since they won E3 last year in my opinion. Maybe that’s  why the conference was so boring to me.


  • The Crew Announcement
  • More stuff about Watch_Dogs and South Park Stick of Truth
  • The Division Announcement


  • Aisha Tyler could have been better this year
  • Was bored majority of the time

Grade: C



Time for Sony! Holy crap, what a conference. Sony was amazing. I was expecting them to win this year without a doubt but damn, I didn’t expect this! We did have to wait a bit for the actual conference to start for some reason. We got a nice fancy little light show and a montage. 😀

We got a LOAD of info about the PS4.  Sony fired some shots at Microsoft when it came to the PS4. There’s going to be no DRM, no online is required, there is indie support, THE ABILITY TO PLAY USED GAMES, and…the price tag for PS4 is…$399!! $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. The whole audience was cheering and clapping at Sony because of this and I wasn’t surprised, They deserve it. Besides the console, we did get a few games. However, the biggest highlight when it came to games was from Square Enix. We received a trailer for Final Fantasy 13 Versus which was renamed to Final Fantasy 15.

Then, the next game which caused the internet to cry in joy, made my friends just go crazy and made my twitter explode like crazy (like it wasn’t before when it came to Sony or E3 in general), was a game fans a certain series has been waiting 8 years for.

YEP, KINGDOM HEARTS 3 EVERYONE. I recently just been starting playing the series (A year or something like that) but damn…what a announcement. The game is currently in development so no official release date or year. Although this is not a exclusive for some reason, it’s good to see that it was finally announced. This was one of the main reasons on why Sony won, because they announced a game everyone wanted. The main reason is because they saw what the consumer wanted, not what they wanted. They listened to the fans and did exactly the opposite of what Microsoft did.


  • Good news about the PS4 (No DRM, No Online required, ability to play used games)
  • Indie Support
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 Announcement
  • $399 Price Tag for PS4


NOTHING. I HAD NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT. Even if I did, it wouldn’t affect the grade.

Grade: A+



Nintendo didn’t have a conference but a direct instead. A few games were announced and some were pushed by to later this year or next year. In a way, you can call this the Nintendo Direct for 2014 Games. A new Donkey Kong game was announced called Donkey Kong Country Returns Tropical Freeze with Dixie Kong coming back as a playable character. A new Mario game was announced which is called Super Mario 3D which features Princess Peach as a playable character which makes everyone think of Super Mario Bros 2 but hopefully we don’t get an ending of Mario dreaming. There’s a new power up which is a cat suit. You can climb stuff which I think is pretty interesting because you can even climb up the flagpole! Another Mario Kart was announced and it’s called Mario Kart 8, simple and to the point. It looks amazing and fun. They brought back the motorcycles from Wii and the little transformations when you’re underwater and in the sky from 7,

More info and even some gameplay for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. Two new features were added which was the ability to go even faster during saling and the Tingle Bottle. This was to replace the Tingle Tuner. With the Tingle Bottle, you can receive messages from other players from the Miiverse. Wii Party U and Wii Fit U was delayed. Wii Party U should be released sometime during October and December for Wii Fit U.

We got some more info about Bayonetta 2, it’s looks all right. Release sometime during 2014. Wonderful 101 was also shown, release will be release on September 15. More info about Pokemon X and Y like a new type which is fairy (how the hell Maril is a damn fairy is beyond me) and Pokemon Amie where you could feed and pet your pokemon. When did this become Tamagotchi? Anyway, we got a solid release date on the game which is October 12 worldwide. Can’t wait! We also see that new game by Monisoft, the same people who made Xenoblade. Not much info about this at all though.  The only things we know is that it won’t have any loading times, it’s a open world game, and it’s going to he released in 2014.

Super Smash Bros was finally announced on the look for the 3DS version. The black lines around the characters are weird although they’re needed because of the screen size for the 3DS.

We get three new characters as well! Megaman who seems to get more respect from Nintendo than Capcom these days, the Villager from Animal Crossing who’s a ruthless character that will mess your shit up after reading his mail, and…uh…

Wii Fit Trainer. Wow..what a new cast of characters so far. I’m hoping Chrom is in it. If he’s somehow not in it, I’ll be pissed. That’s it for Nintendo. They did pretty good, but the main problem was that some games are going to be released in 2014. I wish they shown games that would be released this year, especially for Wii U. The Wii U needs some help, because it’s on life support at the moment.


  • Smash Bros announced
  • New Mario Kart game announced


  • Majority of games will be released in 2014
  • Not a lot of Wii U games set for 2013

Grade: B


So true

So true

And that was E3, what an E3! So much better than last year. I have high hopes for both Sony and Nintendo this year. Microsoft…I’m sorry, but just no. I hope you all enjoyed E3! Who wn E3 for you? 😀


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