Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies – Trailer + Impressions

ss (2013-05-13 at 05.27.15)


YES, FINALLY AN ENGLISH TRAILER FOR THIS GAME! So, the game is offcially called in North America, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. No release date yet besides it saying “Autumn 2013” which kinda sucks but at least we know we get it this year! We finally know Phoenix’s new sidekick’s name is, which is Athena Cykes. Unlike Maya, she has an Attorney’s badge. WAAAAIIIITTTT….Does that mean we can probably play as her in future cases?! If that’s the case (heh…case) that would be awesome!

Dual Destinies…Hm…Can that perhaps relate to the fact we play as two characters, which are Apollo and Phoenix I presume. Or, we play as someone else, like Athena as I said earlier. We can play as the new prosecutor, who’s English name has yet to be announced. WHO KNOWS! The bad thing is that this game is only a digital release it seems. Anyway, will leave you guys to watch the trailer yourselves. 🙂


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