Spring Anime 2013 Watchlist


Swimming anime

Now that state tests are over,  I can finally work on both my videos and this blog. Not to mention, I can finally get back into watching anime as well. So yay for that. Anyway, it’s time to actually start talking about what anime I will be watching for this season. Although I wished Swimming anime was an actual anime, I have to see what else will be on.

Devil Survivor 2

YES! When I first heard about this game becoming a anime, I was so hyped up for it. I love the first Devil Survivor game and I have seen a bit of Devil Survivor 2, so this should be amazing wish the story, 🙂 Not to mention, the same person who directed Persona 4 will be directing this as well. How can they mess this up?

Attack on Titan

At first I thought this was Team Titans…Don’t ask why. Once I saw the word Titan, I immediately thought of that,  Anyway, during the first few seconds I thought about the Hunger Games. But that was only the first few seconds. After I completely watched the trailer I was like “Holy…shit. This looks awesome.”

Red Data Girl

If there were only subs I would actually understand this.  When I watched this, I got a feeling that I only got when watching Another. Why? I have no idea, this anime isn’t in the thriller or horror genre. It’s just fantasy…It does look interesting though

Aku no Hana

The trailer doesn’t show much. At first I was like, “What did I just watch?” I read what Overcooled from Metanorn said about this. I was like “HOW CAN SOMEONE BE WORSE THAN YUNO GASAI?!” Knowing how bad Yuno is, I want to see how some girl can top her.

Hal (movie)

Weird, a robot designed to look like a girl named Kurumi’s dead boyfriend, Hal. Although he is trying to make her move on, they get attached. I want to see if the robot actually does stay with her until the very end or something tragic happens to stop that. Who knows? It might take an Absolute Boyfriend turn here with the ending.

That’s it guys, that’s what I’ll be watching for this season. What are you going to watch? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Spring Anime 2013 Watchlist

  1. jimmychui01

    I saw that swimming PV too! I was mega excited since I’m a swimmer too but I’m a bit confused. Is this actually going to get an anime series? Ahh, I can’t deal with the suspense xD


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