The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left All Screenshots and Trailer with Thoughts

Oh god. o.o

Hello everybody, it’s me Kristi and today I will be giving my thoughts on all the screenshots and trailer for The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left!

WARNING: If you have yet to finish Episode 4, leave this page. Don’t blame me if you see any spoilers now, I warned you!

This first screenshot was released Friday. Lee’s face gets my attention than anything else. The look on his face at least to me is that he’s very worried. Perhaps knowing the fact Clementine can be dead since we can’t trust the walkie talkie guy at all! I can’t at least. GUY’S EVIL!

All right, so we got Ben, Omid, Christa and Kenny all trying to shut the door while zombies are trying to get in at the house. It seems that from this picture if you left anybody behind at the house, they probably died. Since as you know, a huge amount of zombies are walking towards something near the end of Episode 4. That sucks! Proves that a house can’t shelter you from the zombies for long.

Parkour Lee!

Hey look, Lee is trying to be Molly! There’s not a lot to say about this image sadly but all we know is that we’re going to be really high up in this episode!

Now it’s time for the biggest thing…THE TRAILER THAT JUST CAME OUT TODAY!

…All right, I watched this in public and freaked the hell out. My friends were asking my what was wrong…I couldn’t even tell them since they won’t be able to understand. Anyway, BESIDES MY SPASM ATTACK, I am really scared for the finale. You see Christa and Omid looking at a dead couple who commited suicide, Kenny telling Lee to leave him and go find Clementine, Christa is in a black room with a zombie…why in a black room? SUCH A MYSTERY! I have an idea of what might happen in that room but I won’t say because it might actually happen… D:

Two more things noticed towards the end. First thing, Lee is going up to the group of zombies in the first screenshot alone…Where is everyone else? Second thing, is a quote from IGN, most likely a review saying, “I will do anything. I will do whatever it takes to protect Clementine.” That made me actually smile seeing that people love Clementine, a virtual girl so much willing to do anything for her. 🙂

What is your thoughts on the three screenshots and trailer? I hope you’re excited but scared too for Episode 5! Remember, the episode games out tomorrow for PSN in North America and Wednesday for PSN Europe, iOS, Xbox 360 and PC! 😀


6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left All Screenshots and Trailer with Thoughts

  1. grettyr

    I can just repeast what the IGN review said: I will do whatever it takes to protect Clem. She’s my only hope left in this rotten world, and probably the reason, why I, as Lee, kept my humanity…

    1. kristi78968 Post author

      Yeah, Clementine has that kind of affect on you. Plus, she doesn’t want you to do anything bad! Even if you make a bad choice when she’s not around, she’ll somehow find out!

  2. A. Burns

    I’ve been absolutely blown away by the series so far. I never thought a point-n-click game could drag me in, but it’s almost better than the television series. The trailer is epic and makes me like Lee’s character even more, he’s what Rick could be if he was put in a situation where he had to save Carl or the baby.

    Definitely excited to see the end, but glad they’ve decided to make more seasons!

    1. kristi78968 Post author

      Same here, I didn’t really think the Walking Dead would be this good. It’s really emotional too! I find it better than the show, but I did start watching the show when season 3 started.


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