Sukitte Iinayo First Impressions

Oh god…A BUNNY…Irisu…Syndrome….AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

For me, Sukitte linayo episode 1 was pretty good. I got a warning from MDZ because he said that this was sexual oriented mainly from how the characters talked. To me, it didn’t really bother me because it didn’t come from Yamato or Mei. All that talk came from Yamato’s best friend who I don’t even know what his name is.

I can’t really say who’s my favorite character right now, Mei is kinda like the regular shoujo except with a bad past. Yamato is just that guy who likes the heroine because she’s different from everyone else, yeah, like I haven’t yet to see that before. For me, besides Mei’s bad past of having no friends for 16 years, nobody is my favorite character. Let’s hope that quickly changes when next week’s episode comes out.

Dat there stalker

Let’s just say, none of the cast of characters has yet to annoy the shit out of me. Which is good for a first episode! 😀

I actually laughed at a few points in this episodes and I was asking myself “WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO KISS?!” and chanting “KISS! KISS! KISS!” throughout the whole entire episode. Shoujo and romance anime and manga always do that to me. UGH…

And when they finally kissed, I screamed “YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!”…I somehow didn’t wake anyone up. If Yamato was actually confessing his love to Mei before the kiss, I was kinda thinking he was moving a bit too fast. But, it can be just a tactic to make the stalker go away because if you don’t say I love you AND KISS her, I don’t think the stalker will buy it.

My reaction to all of this

Sukitte linayo maybe a solid shoujo anime but that’s a MAYBE. All I can hope is that is doesn’t become like Arcana Famiglia.


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