WWE ’13 Attitude Era Stories Revealed

THQ is taking full advantage of the Attitude Era in WWE ’13! In WWE ’13, you are able to play as DX, Stone Cold, Brothers of Destruction, The Rock, Mankind, Bret Hart and Wrestlemania XV! I’m wondering what is actually going to be in the Wrestlemania XV story because does that mean you make your own custom character and use them to relive the days up to that Mania? Hopefully more information pops up so I will be able to find it! So far from the looks of it, WWE ’13 is looking up to be a good game. I’m just hoping blood is taken out and you have to manually enable it. Then again, why wouldn’t there be blood? Damn Mankind is in the game and has his own story!

Source: Wrestling Gamer


One thought on “WWE ’13 Attitude Era Stories Revealed

  1. IAmJoedub

    I remember having the VHS Tape for Wrestlemaina 15 the Undertaker vs Big Boss man Hell in the cell match was crazy but not even for the match but what happened after


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