Summerslam 2012 Predictions

With Summerslam happening in only an hour, I figured I should finally write my predictions before the pre-show. I’m always late with these predictions geez.

Pre-Show Match

Match: Singles Match for the United States Championship

Santino Marella (c) VS Antino Cesaro

Holy sheet, I didn’t expect this guy to be in a PPV! Oh wait…it’s a pre-show match. Sigh, but, I really hope Santino loses this match and gives the title up to Antino. But, that’s not how WWE rolls. So, I predict Santino retaining. PLEASE, WWE, LISTEN TO US FOR ONCE! WE WANT SANTINO TO DROP THE DAMN TITLE!

Match 1

Match: Singles Match

Kane VS Daniel Bryan

Knowing the fact that Bryan lost every single match he’s been in, I doubt WWE will let him win anything now. It’s sad to know that they’re going to bury the biggest thing fans interact with. (With the YES! YES! YES! chants.) I predict that Kane will win this match…Oh yeah, if you haven’t noticed this already, Kane is a face. Admit it Kane fans, your precious masked Kane is now a face.

Match 2

Match: Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship

The Miz (c) VS Rey Mysterio

I was expecting the Miz to win this until the last few weeks seeing the Miz lose. With Rey’s return recently, I believe he will win this match. God, I’m noticing I’m not writing that much. But hey, what can you do?

Match 3

Match: Tag Team Match for the Tag team Titles

Prime Time Players VS Kofi & Truth

I’m honestly not going to care for this match.I’m just going to give my prediction, Kofi and Truth.

Match 4

Match: Singles Match

Dolph Ziggler VS Chris Jericho

Jericho’s going to leave AGAIN after this PPV so, why no have your last win before leaving the company for the tour for your band? My prediction is Chris Jericho.

Match 5

Match: Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Alberto Del Rio VS Sheamus (c)

Thanks to a commercial WWE showed in Wisconsin, my friend saw it and heard, “The World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio!”. Thanks to that, he told me so now I basically know who’s going to win. Thanks WWE for spoiling it! 🙂

Match 6

Match: Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship

CM Punk (c) VS Big Show VS John Cena

Wooooo….a match that I’m somewhat hyped up for. But, I kept reading Bleacherreport that WWE is leaning for Cena to win the title for yet another match with the Rock. Yeah, that BS one in a time event was complete, well, bullshit. But, if Puk somehow wins I will be happy. Sheesh, making Punk heel has to go somewhere, no?

Main Event

Brock Lesnar VS Triple H

Okay, I will admit. This might be the match of the night for me. I usually say that for all the matches Punk is in but come on, Big show is in it. I don’t think it will be my favorite match after hearing he will be in the match. Both Brock and Triple H beat the living crap out of each other on RAW 1000 and on. Knowing that, it’s going to be quite hard to make a prediction. But, I believe somewhat Triple H will win this match. If Brock can job to Cena, he can with Triple H.

Well, those are my predictions. I vote this to be one of the worst PPVs this year. And I thought Over the Limit couldn’t be topped for being the worst PPV for me. I know I shouldn’t be negative but whatever. Either way, I hope you all enjoy the PPV! 🙂






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