Kokoro Connect First Impressions

Triple H changed bodies with Layla. Should Triple H be a Diva?

Thanks to Trollkastel for that sentence to grab your attention. Anyway, even though Kokoro Connect wasn’t one of my picks for this season, I became interested in the show because all of the tweets Justin re-tweeted about it. All the tweets said Kokoro was a terrible show and advised people not to watch it.  Well, after reading all those tweets, I’ve decided to see for myself if the show is really that bad. Was the show really as bad as the tweets said it was? Well, in my opinion, no, it wasn’t.

So, the episode starts off with the five main characters: Nagase Iori, Aoki Yoshifumi, Yaegashi Taichi and Inaba Himeko. Inaba’s name reminds me of Persona 4.

Hey! Inaba has one of those Sony laptops!

Hey! Inaba has one of those Sony laptops!

We see the characters waking up and getting ready for school. However, Yui and Aoki both say something about having a dream which will be talked about later in the episode. The characters meet up at school and the opening starts! After the opening, school is over it turns out, the school forces every single student to join a club. However, the five main characters basically aren’t even in a club. Taichi, for example, is a huge wrestling fan which mad me question later if he watches WWE,  put down Pro Wrestling Society, which doesn’t even exist. Most of the other characters write down BS clubs as well because the teachers somehow don’t check up on the clubs. So, what do they do in their spare time? Make a society of course! Seriously, why not make that a club so you don’t get in trouble? They formed the Student Culture Society.

Taichi tries to give a topic for the next edition of the StuCS paper which is about wrestling but sadly, I don’t think Inaba is interested because she only wanted to know if he had a topic, not the full details. Don’t worry Taichi, she’ll find one of those WWE story lines interesting sooner or later! Nagase soon comes in and adds a tad bit of fan service and tells Taichi he must pay 120 yen for every peek. Taici asks what Nagase has for a topic. What else but to add a sexy angle to the paper! Nagase tries to see if Inaba wants to pose for some sexy model shots but thank god she refuses. Seriously, I don’t want the anime going in that direction. I WANT INNOCENT ANIME HERE! Nagase asks Taichi which one he would rather see naked, her or Inaba. Since he’s representing all of the male students of the school, he says he would rather see both girls naked. Nagase tells Inaba to write, “3:55 PM Yaegashi Taichi demands that two female club members strip.” Well, this sucks for Taichi! Finally, while Taichi asks if his name can be left out, Yui and Aoki walk in. Aoki and Yui both are uncomfortable and have a tough time saying what they’re going to say. Aoki spits it out saying “Our souls traded places!” I was like, wait what? Yep, it turns out Yui and Aoki’s souls traded places at night and thought it was a dream that was mentioned earlier. However, Inaba, Taichi and Nagase don’t believe the two. Actually. Inaba even does a overhead chop on Aoki.

After a bit, Nagase yells out that she left her notebook in the classroom. She says it’s no biggie, so, why yell out about it? Anyway, Nagase leaves the clubroom and have a short scene with the rest of the gang until we get into Taichi’s POV and when he blinks, we see inside of a desk. It turns out that Taichi and Nagase have switch bodies.

Taichi, we girls don’t call them b-words…

However, while touching Nagase’s b-words, a classmate walks in on him. Taichi, being the slow one in this situation, is confused on being called Nagase. The classmate says the b-words are better when they’re being touched by someone else.

Seriously, I don’t want the show to head in this direction it’s going at the moment. Good thing Nagase who is in Taichi’s body comes to the rescue and stops from anymore from happening. Although the classmate tries to stop him..her…whatever from doing so. They get out of the classroom thank god while both finally that Aoki and Yui were telling the truth. Both return to the club room. They tell Aoki, Yui and Inaba they the two traded places. While Yui and Aoki believe them because they aren’t acting the same they usual do, Inaba just thinks they’re pulling a weird act on her. After a bit, Inaba is finally starting to believe that they switched bodies.

Holy shet, it’s the Undertaker!

HOLY SHET, IT’S THE UNDERTAKER! So, Taichi DOES watch WWE! Now, Inaba asks questions to see if the two actually switched bodies. After a few questions like the last time Taichi borrowed an adult movie from Aoki..Seriously…Inaba…stop making this show go in that direction. PLEASE! So, Inaba is now assured the two switched bodies, THANK GOD. I didn’t want to waste any more time on that anymore or else it would have gotten really annoying. Taichi, asks how long Aoki and Yui were in each others bodies to see if time is a factor. While answering the question, Taichi and Nagase return to their bodies. The episode ends with everyone going home.Inaba questions if this was a one day phenomenon while Aoki basically asks himself the same thing. Well, that’s Koroko Connect episode 1!

I must as well give me thoughts about the episode. Well, Kokoro Connect from what I’ve seen, is not a bad anime. However, there were points that I was afraid the anime would become very raunchy. As you can tell, I don’t like raunchy anime. Plus, there are some weird things like the whole club thing and the teachers never finding about it. Besides that, I like the characters with Taichi being my favorite because he likes wrestling with Nagase being my second favorite due to her humor. Inaba is my least favorite at the moment because she’s very cold towards her friends and the only members of the club. Overall, Kokoro Connect  is a decent anime and something I will watch for the rest of the season. I might blog about it because I’m considering of reviewing episodes but right now, it seems like a bit too much. Plus, I got other anime to watch and they are the ones I picked unlike Kokoro Connect which was something that I became interested in due to a bunch of tweets.

Oh yeah, I have to put this picture in the post because Trollkastel recommended me to.

You’re welcome.

P.S I just realized that picture is from Maria Holic. ‘-‘


4 thoughts on “Kokoro Connect First Impressions

  1. Trollkastel

    Huh, strange. People who like it generally turn to Inaba as one of the pros for this show, not a con. Of course, Taichi is another cool character — who doesn’t love a guy who stalks a girl? But everybody else: I don’t really care.

    I have to agree though that the show is getting a bad rep for no reason. Indeed, the first episode is just plain weird. As a director, I’m wondering what drugs did the director take? Its odd pacing is unnerving at times; the direction it takes is often misleading and this is no PMMM Episode 3.

    But there’s a charm to this work. I’m interested whether this work becomes a social commentary; the appearance of the depressed-looking guy seems to hint that way. It might be a sleeper hit.

    1. kristi78968 Post author

      Sadly, I don’t like characters who are generally cold towards their friends. She might warm up to them later in the series but for now, eh, she’s my least favorite character. I’m surprised this is a PG 13 rated anime. The whole “Let’s talk with our bodies!” scene didn’t look like something a PG 13 anime would have. XD

      1. Trollkastel

        I dig her sarcastic tone. I’m a big fan of dark humor and her hairstyle is pretty memorable. Gotta love those bangs.

        Genderbender media, including animes, are usually PG13 unless they’re risque; Kokoro Connect is one of the milder ones. It’s not a big deal really. If a dark anime like ef: a tale of melodies. is PG-13 (themes include suicide, rape, and despair), I think anything is possible.

  2. jimmychui01

    Hi there ~
    Yeah, basically I’m watching this series now and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed so far! The concept of switching bodies sounds interesting so I was intrigued by this series from the start. I personally don’t see anything wrong apart from some hints of raunchiness from certain characters…I’m not a fan of raunchy anime either ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


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