No Way Out 2012 Predictions

With No Way Out being only a few hours away, I gotta make my predictions! By the way, happy Father’s day!

Pre Show Match

Brodus Clay VS David Otunga

So, we start off with another squash match! We all can tell who win and just in case you can’t tell, the winner will be Brodus. With the Funkasaurus basically being undefeated besides that match he had with Big Show. He has no reason to lose a Pre-show to end his streak. It would have much more meaning to lose on a ACTUAL REAL match instead of these pointless matches where we can tell he will win. Otunga may get the upper hand for a few minutes but Brodus will soon retain the match and win. You can’t expect the match to actually last 30 minutes, now do you? My pick is Brodus.

Santino Marella VS Ricardo Rodriguez

Match: Tuxedo Match

Wait, what? When was this match decided? I don’t remember anything from RAW besides Satino ripping off Ricardo’s tuxedo thus revealing a skin tight Justin Bieber shirt. Well, whatever. This match is such a joke and I don’t want to see either Satino or Ricardo in the boxers at the end of this match. I highly doubt Ricardo will walk out the winner of this so, Satino is my pick for the winner of the match.

Layla (c) VS Beth Phoenix

Match: Singles match for the Divas Championship

Well, at Over the Limit, these two had a pretty long match. Yeah, I know it was 7 minutes but hey, compared to regular matches which are just a few seconds, it’s long. Sadly, since I don’t really pay attention to most of the Divas matches due to them being a few seconds. But looking from their match at Over the Limit, I believe Layla will win. Beth will definitely put up a fight but will lose towards the end. She might win on RAW, you don’t know. That’s how WWE treats their Divas anyway.

Christian (c) VS Cody Rhodes

Match: Singles match for Intercontinental Championship

Christian will win hands down. Christian, like I said many times, he brings so much more meaning to the Intercontinental title. Cody, when he had it, it meant nothing. There’s no reason for Christian to lose this match, and if he does, I’m just going to really pissed off.

Triple H Segment

Hol6 crap, just like the Tuxedo match, when was this announced? Either I didn’t pay attention close enough to RAW or Smackdown or it was just announced recently off air. Anyway, after a long hiatus from the Brock and Triple H feud, you can expect something can happen. Most likely, it will just be Paul Heyman coming out in Brock’s place and discuss a match Lesnar wants with Triple H despite the huge plot about his arm being broken. If it’s just Triple H just talking some smack like Cena did with the Rock, I’m just going to sleep.

Sheamus (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Match: Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

From the looks of it, this match will be pretty good! Dolph, who is FINALLY pulling away from Vickie which is a good thing for his career is facing Sheamus for a title! I can’t even remember when the last time Dolph had a title. Seriously, I was tuned out of WWE at that time. Both are coming in this match strong and without Vickie, we can expect a clean match.  I pick Sheamus to win though but Ziggler might get another shot at the title while Del Rio is out. Maybe we can expect a Ziggler and Sheamus feud!

CM Punk (c) VS Daniel Bryan VS Kane

Match: Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship

I call this to be the match of the night for me! Even though Kane came into the storyline out of nowhere, he perfectly fits due to AJ. AJ, being the psychotic girl she is loves all three competitors in this match.  There’s no doubt that she will play a huge role and help who she likes the best. Most likely, CM Punk will not walk out as WWE Champion. So, the winner can be Daniel Bryan or Kane. Whoever the winner is, they will get a huge kiss from AJ.

John Cena VS Big Show

Match: Steel Cage Match

Stipulation: If Big Show Loses, John Laurinaitis will be fired. If John Cena loses, he will be fired

After many threats of Cena being fired, all the way back to being the special guest referee for Wade Barrett VS Orton, Losing at Money in the Bank 2011 (Which I proudly have the DVD of!) and many others. We all know Cena will never be fired due to him being the face of the whole entire company and bringing in the most sales for merchandise. I hope John Laurinaitis does get fired because ge always gets to avoid doing so. Seriously, if you couldn’t fire him the week before, why not try next week? WWE Logic at it’s finest people. My pick is, of course, Cena.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my predictions! I got done with this blog sooner than I expected! I usually get these things done minutes before the actual PPV or as soon as the Pre-Show match ends. Let’s hope No Way Out is a good PPV!


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