Irisu Syndrome Review


Irisu Syndrome…We have a…very interesting thing going on. You see, it all started with me asking for scary games and my friend told me about Irisu Syndrome. He linked me to the game itself and the English patch. I went into the game with not really expecting much. I mean, look at the title screen. It’s too innocent looking to be scary.

As you can see, the title screen is so innocent.

Boy, I was I wrong! Irisu Syndrome is a game that you shouldn’t judge it’s title screen from. Trust me, you would have a much better time than I did.


So, the game starts off with four university students who I didn’t think were university students because they looked so young. Seriously, I thought they were little kids or something. They are, Edogawa, Agaha, Uuji and a girl named Kyouko or who I nicknamed, Bunny Bitch. They all decided to go on a retreat together, because that kind of stuff NEVER goes wrong! Edogawa tells Agaha and Uuji a ghost story about a witch being in the forest. Later, they all start to disappear one by one. Hm, I wonder why!


Nothing creepy about this at all.

The gameplay is simple, you make the shapes touch their matching color. To rank up more points, while two of the same color shapes are in the air, make them touch each other and you will receive more points when they hit the ground. When you’re playing, you will see Kyouko who will start as transparent, when your health depletes, she will become non-transparent. Yeah, that scared me a few times while being this game with the lights off on a cast. Then, you will receive a picture. If you go to your album, you will find 5 pictures and they will be darkened out at first until you unlock them. They will tell very little of what’s going on in the story. If you also click on the pictures, it will show a conversation between the characters in the picture. Now, THIS ISN’T ALL! When you’re playing, THE GAME WILL FUDGING CHANGE FILES ON YOU! I AIN’T KIDDING ON THIS! The game will add text documents and change a photo that you receive in the start of the game. This games is pretty much controlling your whole computer.

This is the photo you will have in the game file. It will change depending on how good you are at the game.

There are three endings to the game. You will unlock a certain ending depending on how many points you get. Whenever you’re watching these endings though, please, keep a extra pair of pants.

Yeah, do what I just recommended and you’ll be fine. Also, after a certain amount of points, you will unlock Metsu Mode. This mode is much  harder than the original mode but it will reveal even more of the story and the backstory. Basically, it will tell you more about Bunny Bitch aka Kyouko and her past. Okay, I believe I should stop there before I spoil even more.


This music in Irisu Syndrome is…calming and innocent. It makes you think that NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will happened in this game. That’s why I love about this game somehow. From what I’ve heard there isn’t too much music I think there’s only like 4 tracks. (Title screen/gameplay, bad ending, good ending and the best ending.)


Well, Irisu Syndrome overall….is a….DECENT GAME. I can’t believe I’m even saying that because I personally hate this game with a passion after what it did to me.  If you can handle scary games like this and it’s really messed up storyline then I think you can somehow like this game. Hey, if you want to act ballsy, try to play with the lights off at night. For all you people who are just like me, DON’T PLAY THIS GAME. This game has made me become scared of walking throughout my house at night due a long hallway that I have to go through once I get out of my room.  Yeah, that’s how much this game affected me. If you want to get the game, here’s the actual game and the English patch.



P.S  While playing, press alt tab.

EDIT: Thanks to Trollkastel for telling me that there more tracks! If you click on the title, you get a different track playing.


12 thoughts on “Irisu Syndrome Review

      1. kristi78968 Post author

        You got the good ending that quick? Well, it certainly will make people scared for their life. Oh by the way, did you check out the files yet? Irisu’s text file is kinda creepy.

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