WWE Over the Limit 2012 Predictions

Since the PPV starts in less than an hour let’s just get started with my predictions for Over the Limit 2012!

Pre-Show Match

Zack Ryder VS Kane

I pick Kane just because Zack Ryder has just been losing every damn match ever since Wrestlemania. Personally, I don’t know how WWE can bring Ryder back ever since the kick in the balls he recieved from Eve. Who knows, he might be gone after this PPV.

Over the Top Rope Battle Royal and Winner Takes on Intercontinental Champion or United States Champion later on in the show.

Of course they would do Battle Royal. The titles both mean nothing now, seriously, even during Smackdown when Santino and Cody were facing off, the commentators we discussing which title was more important. I guess they’re trying to make one of the titles important again. I just hope someone good wins the Battle Royal.

Sheamus (c) VS Alberto Del Rio VS Randy Orton VS Chris Jericho

Match: Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

My pick…hm…this one hard to choose. I mean, I don’t think Del Rio will win or Jericho but either Orton or Sheamus can win. Of course, Sheamus will be pissed about the RKO from Friday so he’ll go after Orton the first chance he gets. My pick is…Sheamus. The only reason I pick him is because I don’t have a good reason to back up why Orton will win.

Layla (c) VS Beth Phoenix

Match: Singles Match for Divas Championship

I STILL DON’T CARE FOR THESE DAMN DIVAS MATCHES! They’re only 4 seconds or 1 minute if possible. If I had to say, my pick goes to Layla. Like many people, this is a bathroom break for me. I just want Kharma to come back, that’s when the Divas division was good.

CM Punk (c) VS Daniel Bryan

Match: Singles Match for WWE Championship

YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! This could be the match of the night for me. Any match with Punk is usually something good, at least, a match for a PPV that is because on RAW…I don’t even want to mention that. Anyways, I like Bryan but I also like Punk. Both are very good too so, its hard to decide. But, I think Punk will win because I don’t really think Bryan looks good with the belt. They should just make a YES! YES! YES! championship already!

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (c) VS Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

Match: Tag Team Match for Tag Team Championship

When did Jack and Dolph get the chance for the titles? Seriously, even Kofi and Truth came out of nowhere and got a chance for the titles. I know the Tag Team division is bad but come on, even the Divas win a match to get a chance at the belt! Knowing that, you know that what you’re doing is right. My pick is Kofi and Truth, besides Jack and Dolph lose every match they’ve been in, so, its no surprise to me if they don’t win.

John Cena VS John Laurinaitis

Match: Singles Match

Stipulation: If any Superstar interferes they will be fired and if Laurinaitis loses, he will be fired

My pick is Mr. Excitement himself, John Laurinaitis! I know, I picked the obvious choice right? Wait, you don’t know why I choosed him? Well, you know how the Board of Directors said “Any superstar who interferes in the match, will be terminated.”? Well, Brock Lesnar can come out of nowhere and help Laurinaitis since he quit and is no longer a superstar. (Plus, he’s got a few more appearances left) Or, Big Show can come out of nowhere and help Laurinaitis so he can get his job back since he’s no longer a superstar. Big Show can also help Cena so, whoever the next GM is, will re-hire Big Show after that.

Those are my predictions for Over The Limit, what are yours? Leave them in the comments if you want! Now, time to watch Over The Limit!


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