Monthly Archives: May 2012

Natsume Announces Project Happiness!

Damn Natsume, you just announced another Harvest Moon game for the 3DS now, you have ANOTHER project under your belt? You ARE awesome! 🙂 Continue reading


Randy Orton Suspended for 60 Days

Yeah, another suspension but this time it’s for 60 DAYS! Damn, what does Orton do? Rob a store or something? Well, not really but let’s say the REAL reason he got suspended, shall we? Continue reading

Another Live Action Film Trailer 2

Thanks to Population GO for making a post about this so I was informed! Check out their blog here!

Holy crap, the novel got not only a anime but now a live action film! Personally, I only seen one episode of the anime so far but now with the newest trailer for the film, I have to see the rest!

I never knew the anime had so many deaths or if it’s just the film doing it’s own thing here.  Anyway, the film will be released on  August 4, 2012 in Japan. Looks good so far!