Extreme Rules 2012 Predictions

Extreme Rules starts 34 minutes, so let’s get a move on!

Pre-Show Match

Santino Marella (c) VS The Miz

Match: Singles Match for the United States Championship

With pre-show matches, you can tell that its a stupid match. It was like the tag team match at Wrestlemania 28, there was no buildup to the match or any reason why it even happened, it just did. For this match, it’s the same thing. The Miz, WHERE has he been recently? I haven’t seen him since Wrestlemania 28. Anyways, this is a pointless match so, my pick is Santino. If it was the Miz, I don’t know, the title would mean something then.

Randy Orton VS Kane

Match: Falls Count Anywhere

I DON’T GIVE TWO CRAPS ABOUT THIS MATCH! This whole feud, wait, why am I calling this a damn feud? This whole, whatever this thing they crapped out is pointless. Kane’s “destiny” to beat Orton is so damn important. WHY DIDN’T HE GO AFTER HIM FIRST THEN? Anyways,Orton might as well win, just end this damn feud already.  Also, spoilers here so, read onto the next match but, from what I’ve seen from the promo thanks to a friend who pointed it out, in Kane’s Resurrection Promo video it has Punk in it as well. So, Kane is going after Punk next.

Big Show (c) VS Cody Rhodes

Match:  Tables Match for the Intercontinental Championship

So, there’s going to be a stipulation added to this match later on in the PPV apparently. Anyways, should I say who will win? Of course, its Big Show. Cody is now a jobber but not only that, its a damn Tables match. Who do you think will win?

Nikki Bella (c) VS Beth Phoenix

Match: Singles Match for the Divas Championship

Before I begin with the match, the Bellas’ contract is almost up and they will not be signed again. So, with saying that, I believe they wrote that Beth will win.

Sheamus (c) VS Daniel Bryan

Match: 2-out-of-3 falls match for WWE Heavyweight Championship

YES! YES! YES! YES! Yeah, you can tell who I want to win. Bryan is just so great, I even want his shirt and that’s rare for me to buy WWE merchandise! So, I HOPE Bryan wins, but, WWE probably wrote Sheamus to win just by doing that kick. Probably Bryan will win, since something might happen with the ref and Sheamus causing him to hit the ref thus getting fired. Why would Mr. Excitement…Oh god, I’m calling him that now? Mention he will fire Sheamus if he puts his hands on a ref? It has to come into play somehow.

CM Punk (c) VS Chris Jericho

Match: Chicago Street Fight for the WWE Championship

I don’t even know how the fights are in Chicago but they must be brutal. What will be used during this match? I swear, if there are any botches during this match, I will laugh. If ACTUAL FANS get in involved in the match, I will laugh. Remember, the damn crowd is Punk’s loyal fans. You don’t mess with Punk and his loyal fans bro, or Chicago for that matter. Punk is my pick!

Main Event

Brock Lesnar VS John Cena

Match: Extreme Rules Match

My pick is Cena, I can’t imagine Brock being the new face of WWE. Having that new title for Raw, if Brock does win, let’s hope they don’t change the damn title of the show. It will cause a lot of trouble for people who are recording RAW as it is.

I know, short right? I had to get this done as fast as possible, I’m watching the Kane VS Orton match as we speak! I actually got that right for it being the first match! Let’s hope this is a good PPV! 🙂


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