Monthly Archives: April 2012

Operation Rainfall is Taking Donations to Help Publish Pandora’s Tower!


Yes, you read that title right, Operation Rainfall is no longer waiting for Nintendo of America to announce Pandora’s Tower and is instead, trying to raise money to pitch the idea to six publishers. Who are these publishers you may ask? Well, before I say who they are, Operation Rainfall did a list of requirements to see which publisher would perfectly fit them. Continue reading

Wrestlemania 28 Predictions


Ah, Wrestlemania 28, the final Wrestlemania before they finally take it back up to the Northern side of the United States. Yes, WWE is deciding to take Wrestlemania to the Northern part of the United States. How many years did someone finally say that they should do that? Anyways, besides that, Wrestlemania 28 is hyping up to be the biggest one in “history,” God knows how many times they said that for all the other Wrestlemanias so far.  I’m hoping an April Fool’s Day joke takes place somehow during this historic night, you know, for giggles. Besides my wish that will never come true, let’s finally dive into the match predictions. Continue reading